innovating society.

We live in a time that is marked by increasing pressure, overwhelm and competing priorities. Leaders call us when there is a need to step back, make sense of the complexity, see with fresh eyes, and chart a path forward. When something new needs to happen, I’m here to create a space to resolve creative tensions and build momentum for success.

I support people within organizations and communities to create something new by engaging key players to seeing the whole picture, finding direction and building responsive solutions.

When people work with me they get:

  • Meetings and events that engage everyone and build trust and relationships

  • Actions that make an impact on real needs

  • Creative and relevant solutions developed by the groups that need to own them

  • Productive and enriching iterative creative sessions leading to custom designed events and actions

  • A fresh alternative to the ongoing noise and overwhelm

  • Simple maps for navigating complex decisions

  • Resolution of thorny creative tensions

  • Clear and compelling communications that invite full participation

When people are connected,
aligned and clear,
they are unstoppable.

I am a skilled architect of this kind of change. Let’s connect and find out what that change looks like for you.


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