Your situation is unique, I work closely with every client to understand what is truly called for. I custom-design every engagement, drawing on a diverse and versatile set of frameworks, philosophies and practices that I know intimately.

public engagement

solid, respectful and appropriate engagement is at the heart of any new product, service, or development. municipal staff call me when they want to deliver a great project which to integrates the needs of end users, and navigating the thorny issues of competing priorities and strategic tensions. i bring a wealth of experience leading successful events that build internal team synergy, public trust and great outcomes.

multi stakeholder collaboration

the most important issues facing us are often outside of the influence of any one group or organization. leaders seeking impact around complex challenges, invite me to build platforms for shared understanding, good strategy and strong teams. leaders coming from multiple groups who each hold a key piece of the puzzle, but cannot see the whole picture alone, need solid relationship and shared roadmaps. i create robust spaces to work thru creative tensions, build trust, and identify innovative strategies for impact.

strategic conversations

In every group or situation there is tremendous and often largely untapped wisdom and motivation. we support the engagement of key players in building solid and resilient relationships, understanding what is needed, identifying solutions, and acting together to manifest new possibilities. to achieve this we use create highly engaging and relevant meetings, conferences, and events focused on variety of outcomes including team building, participatory research, scenario planning, conflict resolution, visioning, strategic planning and more.

social innovation

We help diverse stakeholders from multiple perspectives to build partnerships, enabling innovation for complex issues that require collaborations (e.g. food systems, sustainability, community health, race and diversity). we support broader systemic initiatives by building core teams, facilitating public consultation and stakeholder engagement, building networks and communities of practice, creating innovation incubators, and designing and facilitation change labs.

capacity building

Innovation requires change agents and leaders who are connected to themselves, their environment, and each other.  I have created learning spaces for hundreds of leaders across the world to grow their people skills and their capacity to engage others when i’m not around. i offer custom-designed training and leadership coaching. i consistently lead training in the art of hosting, deep democracy, and co-resolve