between the bridges

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Between the Bridges: Working Together for Children and Families
Summer-fall 2015

Between the Bridges is a project involving community groups, residents, provincial government and organizations like the United Way who are looking at innovative ways work together to address the challenges faced by some children and families living between the bridges in Dartmouth North. Between the Bridges is focused on building community assets and discovering what we can create together.


Over the summer and fall of 2015, New Leaf supported a vibrant resident engagement for Between the Bridges to build a shared set of goals to galvanize collective action for Dartmouth North. We supported a group of community leaders to and committed residents to collect stories and ideas from over 300 people who live and work in Dartmouth north. We helped make sense of the core issues and on September 30 hosted close to 100 residents in a public gathering. Residents were able hear about the experiences and ideas that have been shared and begin to build a vision for a thriving future for the community and to talk about how to turn our hopes for the community into action.

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