Midwifery Strategy

That was a difficult time and they day was challenging. I wasn’t sure if we we going to get there. What you were able to do with us really laid bare the reality of our situation and from there the issues began to resolve themselves. The program is in a really good place now and we have you to thank.

Kersten Martin, Provincial Midwifery Practice Specialist, NS Dept. of Health & Wellness

In 2009 Midwifery became regulated in Nova Scotia and subsequently midwifery services were established in three health districts across the province. As two work cultures came together and navigated the shared delivery of care various creative tensions arose. Sera Thompson of New Leaf was invited to support the team involved in service in the former South Shore District Health Authority (SSDHA) to work through issues and find solutions to the challenges they faced. 

Working with key players including midwives, SSDHA obstetrics manager and those responsible for midwifery within the Department of Health and Wellness, the work consisted of:

  • conducting dialogue interviews with each team member
  • a full day team building session to surface key issues and tensions and work thru them using a Deep Democracy approach. 

The result was clear decisions on how to move forward and deepened understanding on all sides.

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