Moving the Food Movement

Moving the Food Movement was a truly amazing experience. In working with you, we came away with new facilitation tools and techniques, fresh perspectives on our work, and most importantly deeper relationships to one another. You have had a lasting impact on the ways in which we work together. We have continued to strengthen our collaborative efforts and delve deeper into difficult conversations, and our work is much stronger for it.

-Marla MacLeod
Food Connections Project Coordinator, Ecology Action Centre and Co-chair Nova Scotia Food Security Network

From the Spring of 2009 to the Spring of 2010 we supported an initiative to further the goal of fair and sustainable food systems in Nova Scotia.  The aim was to connect diverse practitioners working on food issues, to build a shared bigger picture of the work and build their capacity to work differently and creatively leverage connections to accomplish all of their goals.  

Through a series of gatherings stakeholders identified a need for individual and organizational capacity to build and sustain the food movement.   We worked with a number of key provincial food organizations (i.e. Food Security Network, NS Nutrition Council, Community-University Research Alliance and Healthy Eating Nova Scotia) to clarify their purposes and contribution into the broader movement and to support them in aligning themselves around their purpose.  

In the fall of 2009 we hosted a gathering called “Moving the Food Movement” which was training in Participatory Leadership for a broad range of people working on food issues (policy makers, to farmers, farmers market managers, non-profit leaders, students).  

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