North Park Redesign Public Engagement

Roundabouts are a proven method to move various users more quickly and safely to their destination. To address aging intersections, like those on North Park Street, Halifax Regional Council supports modern roundabouts on municipal roads where appropriate design guidelines and standards can be met. The North Park Intersection Redesign project was the first major municipal roundabout project. This is about more than just reconfiguring two intersections — it is a bold approach to a larger civic project that includes many disciplines, departments and goals.

New Leaf was hired to lead the Public Engagement to help Halifax Regional Council in their decision to approve the project and gather public input on ideas and concerns for the proposed transition and the vision for new public spaces.  We worked with multiple departments within the city and local Municipal Councillors to develop the core branding and messaging that would attract a large number of people to be involved and give authentic input. There was a need from HRM to both educate the Public around the rationale for the transition to learn about and as much as possible address the concerns and needs of various users (including: pedestrians, cyclists, vehicle users, and neighbours). Through creative invitation and mobilization of community stakeholders, the Feb 2013 event was packed with active citizens engaging in lively conversation about the proposed redesign. In the Winter of 2014, we worked with HRM to bring the 50% drawings back to the public for feedback and comment. The project was touted within HRM for high-impact cross-departmental collaboration and authentic engagement. 

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