Youth mental health challenges are on the rise across Canada and the Report from Minister’s the Panel on Innovation in Mental Health and Addictions identified disconnections and challenges in the current youth health system. In the fall of 2018, New Leaf Supported the NS Department of Health and Wellness and the NS Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to engage stakeholders across the province think together about how to improve Youth Health delivery in schools. This work was in response to recommendation to “develop a standard model for mental health/health care delivery by integrating the supports and services offered by Youth Health Centres, SchoolsPlus and Early Years Centres. The services provided must be evidence and needs based, client focused and youth friendly, providing a full scope of needed supports and interventions.” New leaf supported a collaborative team to host 4 stakeholder gatherings in regions across the province to hear from education and health professionals as well as from youth about their current experiences and about the solutions that they want to see to improve school health.