I have worked on several engagement plans in my 25 year career, and I can say, by far of all my dealings with engagement teams, your group has been the most proactive, forward thinking,  exciting, inspirational and positive team I have worked with. Anytime some ask me about a recommended consultant team for engaging the public, New Leaf Social Innovation is top of my list.
Stephan Stephane Thibodeau, P.Tech, Transportation Coordinator
Moving the Food Movement was a truly amazing experience.  In working with you, we came away with new facilitation tools and techniques, fresh perspectives on our work, and most importantly deeper relationships to one another.  You had a lasting impact on the ways in which we work together.  We have continued to strengthen our collaborative efforts and delve deeper into difficult conversations, and our work is much stronger for it.
Marla MacLeod, Coordinator, Our Food Project, Ecology Action Centre
We were looking for fundamental change and innovation that would help us as a provincial system to shift where we could have the biggest impact on the health of Nova Scotians.  This work achieved what we wanted.  Sera had unwavering commitment to help us develop as leaders as well as landing on a purpose statement that would catapult us to a new future.  We are poised for system change because of this work.
Janet Braunstein Moody, Former Senior Director, Public Health Renewal
- Nova Scotia Dept of Health and Wellness