Community Conversations was an initiative led by the Human Rights Commission (HRC) aimed at meeting Nova Scotians who experience discrimination in their communities and engaging them in conversations about the issues at the root of those experiences. This initiative had its origins in a case brought to the HRC by the Halifax Association of Black Firefighters. By broadening the scope of those engaged to include individuals with diverse protected characteristics (the African Nova Scotian and Black community; the Indigenous community; Nova Scotians with disabilities; newcomers and immigrants; the LGBTI community; and others), the HRC hoped these manifold groups would find support from each other. They also believe that communities possess the ability to identify and solve their own issues, and that the Commission’s people and resources could be able to be of assistance. New Leaf worked with the HRC to engage internally and to engage key community stakeholders in order to build a framework for this initiative and to pilot the first “Community Conversation” in North Preston, East Preston and Cherry Brook. Fall 2014-Spring 2016